Author Headshots

Having worked for several years with a top Literary Agent I know how important your author profile photograph is. I am also familiar with how the thought can bring many out in a cold sweat! Like it or not but, your photograph is one of your key selling tools. A reader will more than likely take a peek at the back cover of your latest work and see who has written it, so it is important to strike the right tone.

Your photograph will also play a huge role across all publicity platforms. Your website, your publisher’s website, your profile on your agent’s book fair brochure, along with your social media accounts.

Whilst you often don’t get the final say with your book cover or title, you are in control of Author Profile Photograph.

I have lots of experience with Authors and writers so do be in touch if you need to update your photograph or indeed, if you are a debut writer. I will make the process as pain-free as possible (and even enjoyable!)

Author Headshot Mick Wall copyright Charlotte Knee Photography_0001.jpg
Author Headshot Mick Wall copyright Charlotte Knee Photography_0002.jpg
Sydney Padua Author Headshot copyright Charlotte Knee Photography_0001.jpg
Sydney Padua Author Headshot copyright Charlotte Knee Photography_0002.jpg
Shereen Tadros Writer Author Headshot Portrait copyright Charlotte Knee Photography_0010.jpg